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Robotic Process Automation

Businesses today exist in an era of globalization, hyper-competitiveness and ever accelerating business cycles. To succeed, companies must become more agile, reduce operational complexity and innovate at a faster pace – all at the same time and at lower costs. While companies have computerized earlier manual processes, there are still many millions of hours spent manually entering and processing all the data manufacturers generate.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows efficiency in terms of accuracy and faster cycle times, thereby increasing productivity in transactions processing. It also elevates the nature of work by disengaging people from performing repetitive and error-prone tasks, therefore providing opportunities for process people to be re- tooled and used to perform other important business functions instead.

Thirdware has designed and implemented software BOTS across multiple business functions and applications using Automation Anywhere’s industry-leading RPA platform resulting in reducing cost, enhancing productivity, optimizing cycle times, improving accuracy and ensuring compliance.

20+ years of successfully delivering enterprise applications ensures deep industry knowledge and superior business process understanding within Thirdware which is critical to a sucessful RPA implementation.

We now leverage this expertise to bring RPA to your company through our ability to:

  • Perform assessments and develop a RPA strategy
  • Identify business processes best suited for RPA
  • Develop value proposition and business case for RPA
  • Design and implement RPA soluiions - rapidly and cost effectively
  • Support and manage RPA installations

Thirdware - The Right Choice For Your RPA Needs

  • Deep Industry knowledge and superior business process understanding
  • ERP Pedigree – 20+ years of design and implementation of transaction systems
  • Expertise in Business Process Analysis & Management
  • Strong Analytics and Reporting skills
  • Proven Technical ability
  • Global Program management and Delivery capability

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